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Get daily personalised exercise and lifestyle programmes with TONUS from £199 per month.


Start moving towards your maximum physical potential.


Make informed decisions about your nutrition and hydration.


Maximize your recovery outside the gym.

TONUS remote coaching service.

To help you achieve your goals.

Reach your maximum physical potential
Make informed decisions about nutrition and hydration.
Improve the quality of your recovery outside the gym

How it works.

Choose your subscription
TONUS remote coaching subscriptions include personalised exercise and lifestyle programming, daily messaging with your coach, and, monthly coaching calls.
Meet your coach
Identify what your priorities are in life and explore the drivers behind your fitness goals during a sixty minute video call. Review your training experience and your lifestyle with your coach.
Get Assessed
Start with a physical assessment to establish baseline strength and endurance. Scores from this assessment will be used to assess progress in future training tests.
Start training
Your coach tailors a training plan to your needs and goals. Track and receive daily Exercise and Lifestyle coaching through CoachRx. Get feedback by scoring workouts and leaving comments.
Regular check-ins
Schedule monthly 30-minute video calls with your coach to discuss training, goals and priorities. Alternatively, collaborate with your coach to determine a more suitable arrangement.


FREE discovery call (30 mins)

Will it work for you?

Q: Are you self-motivated?
Q: Do you mind training on your own?
Q: You think you need some help with your fitness goals, but you haven’t worked with a remote coach before.

Book a call with a coaching advisor and get your questions answered.


Join us

Choose the subscription that works for you.

Subscribe and complete your online profile, intake form and equipment lists in the CoachRx App. 


consultation call

Meet your coach.

Identify what your priorities are in life and explore the drivers behind your fitness goals during a sixty minute video call.

Review your training experience and your lifestyle with your coach.



Where are you now?

To establish your baseline of strength and endurance we will carry out a detailed physical assessment.

We will refer back to your scores in future training test phases to assess for progression.


start training

Your coach will design a training plan around your priorities, needs and goals. Receive your Exercise and Lifestyle coaching daily via the CoachRx App.

Score your workouts, leave comments and get feedback from your coach.



Check in with your coach monthly over a thirty minute video call to talk about your training, goals and priorities.

Or, decide with your coach what works for you.



Move towards your health and fitness goals.

Long-term planning.

We believe in creating long-term strategies for our clients, so that together we can meet the goals you set yourself in life.


Our nutrition habits and lifestyles are just as important as the time we spend in the gym.

Monthly video calls.

Consulting with our clients and assessing their progress is all part of the coaching process.

Importantly, it helps us understand how our clients are responding to the training and what external influences might be impacting their progress.

Daily fitness programmes.

Our clients receive Exercise and Lifestyle programmes every day, via CoachRX.

Your coach will use your assessment outcomes and goals to create a personalised training programmes specifically for you.

Start here.

Tell me about you.

What are your health and fitness goals? What are the most important things in your life? Perhaps, you are still figuring it out.

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