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Madeleine ML.



Highly recommended - regardless of level and target.

After the first intro session, I managed to get completely new perspectives on health and fitness (and this comes from someone who trains a fair amount and thought I “knew it all”). Excellent advise and mind-opening conversations with training programmes tailored to perfect needs. Highly recommend for anyone, regardless of your initial level and target.

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Eli B.



Working with Laurence was revolutionary ...

Working with Laurence was revolutionary to my workout regime. Prior to receiving his instruction I lacked any real vision for what I was looking to achieve in both the gym and nutritionally in the kitchen, as well.
Through our time working together I received so much wonderful guidance and helpful direction on both exercises that were right for me as well as a diet that make sense to complement my exercise routines.
In short, Laurence is just the best there is for a uniquely tailored health and physical fitness coach. Bravo!

MaX L.



Making my body stronger and my life more balanced.

As someone who has struggled all my life to maintain any sort of workout regime, working with Laurence has been revolutionary. I have spent the last few months loving the workouts he sends me each day through the app with videos to remind me how to do each exercise. I have actually maintained, for the first time ever, a regular exercise routine which is designed around my goals and progresses with me.
Laurence has spent time to understand my diet, sleep and general lifestyle as well as working with me towards achieving my goals, both physical and emotional.
My coaching has been a combination of making my body stronger and my life more balanced. Laurence is a natural life coach and has provided me with insights into how my preconceived ideas have been limiting my expectations of life.
If you are looking for a way to achieve change in your life, I can highly recommend Laurence’s approach.

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